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Hubby Update #4

Steve is doing as well as can be expected. He was awake and alert. He even made some phone calls. He even read on his pda. He was in a good deal of pain. he had to use his pain button often. The pain button is a way that a patient can get a painkiller whenever they need it.

He was transferred out of the ICU and back into a regular hospital room. He came to the 6th floor where he was before. Despite the pain meds he wasn't groggy or dazed at all. I got his signature on some important legal documents I had drawn up on Friday.

I'm glad that we now have a local lawyer here in Dallas. After drawing up the documents we don't need a lawyer but it's nice to have one available in case we need one in the future. My NY lawyers found him for me. Hopefully the documents won't be too expensive. I shouldn't think so. They were standard documents and I'm sure they didn't take much time to prepare.

I believe that Steve will remain in the hospital for another ten days to two weeks. He is still hooked up to some tubes draining  the noxious matter from inside him.  He hasn't walked yet. He isn't  eating yet and his  bowel  is still  inactive.   He will be discharged when he has returned to normal functioning in  walking, eating and drinking, and has no more infection.

The surgeon says that Steve is making good progress towards a full recovery. It's just going to be a long gradual recovery.
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