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Hubby Update # 2

Steve had his procedure today(Weds 6/18). It went well. They had to put in 4 stents to keep his bile duct open but they are optimistic that this will work and that Steve won't have any further blockages, stones or cysts. The pseudocyst in his pancreas was 25 cm long.  He's  scheduled for a CAT  scan tomorrow to make sure everything remains in place.  If the CAT scan is good then Steve hopes to be released tomorrow afternoon. We won't know until after the CAT scan when he will be able to travel again. Steve can work from home. He has his work 'puter and a copy of stuff he was working on.

The close hospital--Medical Center of Plano, is really close to my house. I've been walking home from it.  It's about 3 stops on the bus(bus stops every other block).  I haven't had to take a taxi since he was transferred to PMC yesterday.

Things are looking good!

Crossing all my appendages that the worst is behind us and that Steve will be able to go back to work soon.
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