kensieg (kensieg) wrote,

Hubby Update

Hubby is being transferred to a hospital closer to our house Tuesday AM. Actually both the hospitals are good. We went with the further hospital because our internist has privileges there.

However, since our doctor has not been involved at all, the closer hospital will make my logistics easier.  The further hospital is a $17 cab ride away. The nearer hospital is (I guess) about a $5-$7 cab ride away.  It's a long walk from our house but doable about 2 miles I think. The other one is about 5 or 6 miles away.

The funny thing is that the doctor at the closer hospital is the partner of the one at the further hospital. We are very lucky to be spoiled for choice for hospitals in our town. There's a third hospital in our town that I haven't mentioned that is also a good hospital. As a couple with multiple chronic medical conditions we are quite fortunate to be living here--Plano, Texas.

There is now a diagnosis:  a pseudocyst in hubby's pancreas. Apparently it is responsible for a good portion of the swelling of hubby's waistline despite his having lost 30 pounds in the hospital last month
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