kensieg (kensieg) wrote,

Political post

"Undying loyalty to our friends, eternal and uncompromising ruthlessness to our enemies.

We cannot conquer hatred or envy, but we can control it through fear. Let them hate us, if they must, because they do not need to as it is their choice, as long as they fear us. When forced into defense, attack. Let all and sundry know that to oppose us is to die, that we shall never forgive nor forget, and that all we ask in return for the gift of us not destroying them is for them to leave us alone.

Never give in, never yield, and always remember that it is better to die after a day of fighting for liberty than it is to live a hundred years licking the boots of your conquerors.

We all suffer one death. May G-d and our own actions grant that it be a good one."

I agree with this. It was posted on one of my favorite websites, the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:
Tags: politics
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