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Resistance is Futile

1) Who is your favorite Companion and why?

My favorite Companion is Captain Jack because I’m a slasher and because he’s charming and not from Earth even though he’s human. He’s a vet.

2) What one cliche would you ban from DW/TW fanfic, if you had the power?

Mary Sue.

3) Aside from the "usual suspects" ("Parting of the Ways", "Doomsday", "Journey's End", "Exit Wounds" and "Children of Earth"), which DW/TW episode would you change the ending of?

The one where Jack is left behind by the Doctor on Satellite 5.

4) If you could combine any of the ten Doctors with any one or two Companions, who would be your TARDIS "dream team"?

Nine and Jack.

5) What do you like most about the area where you live?

The huge amount of variety available.
Tags: doctor who, lindenharp, memes, torchwood
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