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6 years ago today 9/11/01

Where were you six years ago today? I was at school. My hubby was working at Maxwell-Gunter AFB. It took hours for me to get through to NY because the lines were all tied up.

I was glad that my brother hadn't worked at the WTC for over 15 years. Everybody else was further away from Ground Zero. My Brother in Law, a pulmonary specialist was on call to treat casualties from WTC. Alas, there were all too few survivors of 9/11.

Let us remember the falling man.
Let us remember Craig Beamer of flight 93 "Let's Roll!"

They thought they could cripple us. They didn't.

The fight is a long one but it is going well. Things are better in Iraq than they were. The Global War on Terrorism will be a long fight but we can win if only we persevere. We must keep on going. If we lose our will to fight everyone loses.

Never Forget, Never Forgive!!
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