kensieg (kensieg) wrote,

Traders Season 1

I got Traders season 1 Thursday! I'm definitely gonna watch it soon. Does anyone have any idea where I could get seasons 2 & 3? It's on in reruns in Canada. Alas, I am closer to the Mexican border than the Canadian, so how can I get it? I'd pay for the episodes if someone would tape for me.

The laundry pile of doom has been flattened. It's not gone but is much smaller. My hubby--who is the best!!!--put away all the clean clothes! He also did the dishes! House looks much better. He gave up gun range time to work on the house!!

I love him oodles and oodles!!!

I intend to finish laundry, garbage, and dishes today so that I can spend Monday reviewing Spanish. I missed one day and I'm so behind! It's a very fast class. Each course is only 5 weeks!
Tags: grant jansky, laundry pile of doom, traders
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